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Zazen is a Research Division which bases it activities in the development of textile products which benefit and improve health.

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Good sleep, healthy aging.
15 March 2013
World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving.  Read more
The company Aznar Textil has developed a thermoregulator sheet
02 December 2009
The Valencian textile manufacturer is going to commercialise the first thermoregulator sheet in the market. The Zazen sheet is manufactured with a functional textile which is capable of regulating the temperature of the body while a person is sleeping. This sheet controls changes in temperature by absorbing excess heat and releasing it when required.  Read more
This sheet cures ulcers
18 September 2009
The Aitex institute and a company create a fabric with healing properties successfully tested on patients at the General Hospital. Read more


Zazen Regenerating Sheet
The Institute of Textil Technology (AITEX) and Aznar Textil S.L. have developed a sheet which facilitates the repair of wounds through the use of a fabric which incorporates Quitin fibres and which has healing properties and helps to eliminate microbes while increasing breathability.
Zazen sheets on TVE1
Presentation of the Zazen Anti-Stress, Thermoregulator and Regenerator sheets on the La Mañana program on La 1. See video.Go to video
Zazen Anti-Stress Sheet
Sheet with anti-stress properties. Capable of de-charging electrostatic energy from the body, improving the quality of sleep and intensifying rest. See video. Go to video